Cumul8 empowers you with the knowledge and means to take action.


Predictive analytics for preemptive action

Do you want to find issues before they even arise? What about new opportunities for success based on past information and machine learning?

At the heart of the Cumul8 platform is Sentinel, a data science engine that combines your historical and real-time data with proprietary algorithms to help you predict outcomes and take data-informed action. Imagine being able to easily and accurately quantify a better future for yourself.


Some of the things our Sentinel data science engine can do for you:

  • Provide insight on ‘out of normal’ variables so you can take immediate action
  • Allow precision modeling to predict outcomes and finetune every aspect of your business

Sentinel learns predictive models based on:

  • Your historical data
  • Robust open-source machine learning tools
  • Model selection strategies
  • Proprietary algorithms developed by us

What is the narrative right now?

All your data sources in one platform

Cumul8 is a real-time, cloud-based platform, which translates to getting data whenever and wherever you need to use it. With the ability to ingest multiple disparate data sources in real-time, you always have the latest information available to you. Cumul8 provides actionable insights that are especially useful in production environments, allowing you to diagnose issues right away to save valuable time and money.

Sometimes You Have to Look Back to Look Forward

Sentinel learns from your past data

Your historical data is essential for understanding yesterday’s success and how you can apply these findings to today and tomorrow. Unlike other systems that may purge information after a set period of time, Cumul8 stores all of your data in the cloud. You can access the information at any time and when it comes to Sentinel’s machine learning capabilities, the more data the better!

Key Features

Connect data from disparate sources

Cumul8 connects with any data source, including production, sales, financials, and more. Our philosophy is to embrace, not replace, so there is no need to disrupt your existing data infrastructure.

Take Advantage of Self-Serve Analytics

Using our extensive experience in gaming, we’ve designed a truly interactive system that gives you complete control of your data. Easily create flexible dashboards to visualize complex information.

Combine data on the fly for new KPI

Every industry and business is different. Cumul8 has a powerful tool that allows you to combine multiple data sources to create and immediately track the KPIs most relevant to you.

Predict and model future outcomes

Sentinel, the data science engine powering Cumul8, learns from your historical and real-time data to help you model future outcomes and make smarter decisions.

Get notifications and alerts in real-time

If you don’t have time to sit in front of your screen all day, configure alerts in Cumul8 so you’re notified right away about any out of the ordinary behavior wherever you are.

and communicate

Cumul8 has robust collaboration and communication tools that allow people to work together to discover issues, share results, and take action throughout the organization.

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