Whatever your industry and whatever your data sources, Cumul8 can help transform your business.

Forest Products

Cumul8 is helping to lead the digital transformation of the forest products sector by providing actionable insights and predictive analytics on both operational and machine health. Whether processing wood or manufacturing pulp and paper products, the result is more optimized mills, reduced downtime, and higher returns on capital investment.

Media & Entertainment

With our roots in the VFX industry and our expertise with data, Cumul8 is uniquely positioned to assist Media & Entertainment companies in gaining understanding of your productions and taking data-informed action, be it process optimization, strategic alignment, or resource management.

Waste Disposal

The waste disposal business might not seem very technology focused, but what if we told you it could be? By adding sensors to your disposal bins to detect when they’re getting full, you’ll be able to anticipate when it’s time to send replacements. Cumul8 helps increase efficiency by providing more accurate demand forecasting.

OEM Partnerships

If you’re a manufacturer and are looking for a value-added service for your customers, then consider embedding the Cumul8 IoT data platform on your equipment. With the predictive analytics capabilities of the platform, you’ll have information sooner on how your customers’ equipment is running, allowing you to provide proactive support. Contact us today to discuss partnership opportunities.