Unlock the Power of Your Data

Get a holistic view of your entire business and make smarter decisions using the Cumul8 data analytics and IoT platform. Cumul8 brings together all your data sources concurrently and in real-time in one platform. Cumul8 is your data historian, real-time monitor, and predictive analytics answer.

Understand the Past

Store all your disparate data in Cumul8 for historical reporting to learn more about the past and understand both problem areas and successes.

Analyze the Present

Because Cumul8 is a real-time and self-serve platform, the latest information is always available to you so you can take immediate action.

Model the Future

What if you could look into the future? Combine your data with our Sentinel data science to predict tomorrow’s outcomes.

What We Offer

Predictive Analytics

Cumul8 leverages your data and our proprietary machine learning algorithms for real-time insights that reveal opportunities to ultimately drive more value for your business.

Proven Technology

Cumul8 was born from technology we developed working on Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Today, any industry can take advantage of Cumul8’s data visualization and discovery capabilities.

Intuitive Design

We are a team of user experience experts. Data visualization is unmatched with Cumul8, making it easier for you to understand your data and be empowered to make well informed decisions.


Faster insights. Better results.

By combining your data with the machine learning built into the Cumul8 platform, you’ll see speed to value. Whether it’s leveraging IoT and ensuring asset health through predictive maintenance in production environments or gaining more accurate demand forecasting in other industries, the Cumul8 platform automatically generates insights to reveal opportunities for smarter, better, and faster outcomes.


Built to Scale

Cumul8 is a team of data experts led by entertainment and gaming industry veterans. Our award-winning 3D conversion technology has been used on Hollywood’s biggest movies and resulted in the genesis of our data platform. Now, by leveraging the latest open source and our own proprietary technologies, our platform is built to scale and ready for a multitude of use cases – regardless of your industry or the size of your company.


The Ultimate in Ease of Use

What if we told you our secret to user experience design comes from video games? The Cumul8 leadership team has a combined 60+ years of experience developing some of the world’s most successful gaming properties. You don’t need complicated instructions when learning to play a video game and you’ll experience the same ‘ease of use’ paradigm with our platform. Use Cumul8’s intuitive and interactive self-serve analytics to unleash the potential of your data.

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